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Pre-register here for Scientific Fighting Congress Self-Defense Seminars with W. Hock Hochheim. Pre-registration insures that the combat seminar you want to attend will "make", and that you will have the convenience and opportunity to train with Hock in your local area. If you'd like to make payments or if you have questions, call 972-390-1777 or email: jane@lauricenterprises.com

10/08-11/2018 - October 8-11  Hock in Italy

10/08-11/2018 - October 8-11 Hock in Italy

Guro W. Hock Hochheim Seminar  Pacific Archipelago Concepts and/with Filipino Martial Arts   Invitation Only Milan Area/Casale Monferrato, Italy   October 8-19 in Milan October 11 in Tuscany, Special Operations onlyEmail at info@massimofrasson.ithttps:...

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